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    mumbled "sorry"

    hey guys! So I hsven't wrote since like last year.
    It's been one of my new year resolutions... To get writting again.
    So, I may had informed some of my 'followers' that i was in the middle of writting a book based in kenya. But unfortunately it got deleted for some apparent reason? As did the rest of my drafts, which is quit a shame.
    so basically im starting fresh this month and next to get a story written based on fan fiction.
    Thanks for sticking by
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    Thank you! It's my pleasure writing stories for you all. I will surely get back to those little mistakes. As you said, they simple to correct. Sorry about not putting CAPS in the names, my CAPS bar goes on and off. Also, I will definetely read all of your stories. I will add more to 'The Oak' soon, But in the mean time keep checking out my stories!
    The oak
    The oak
    as victoria and her brother trevor find an old book shelf they discover a world with mystical and terrible creatures.
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    good descriptions eliz but chu need more humor and/or romance ect you know i like the fear and things about it but you know what i mean
    The Book
    The Book
    When Cassy's best friend, Talia, disappears after reading a very suspicious and mysterious book about a girl with a horrible life, Cassy is heartbroken. She doesn't suspect that the Book has anything to...
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