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And as the man and woman walked the path of spirituality, the Goddess walked alongside and spoke to them of what made life worth living. "Learn to control your shadows" she would tell them. "Only when you can understand what lies within your shadow will you be able to learn to not fear the shadows of others. For without shadow, there can be no light. They need each other to survive. Not all that is dark is threatening and not all that is light is welcoming."

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    Going by the title, how about a series of short stories that span several eras showing a star-crossed love that has been happening for centuries? Two people who keep finding each other no matter what their current story is.
Uncle VesOnly a full and total idiot would do this. Dude, what is wrong with you???
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    I need a ton of help. I wrote a new synopsis for my book. Imagine you are looking at it online and tell me if the synopsis would make you consider buying it. Here goes:

    Vespias Firstlight is tenacious. In her savage world, that means that she has a chance. A chance to bury the pain and doubts of her past. A chance to beat back the undead horde that ravages her home. A chance to bring her people to safety and a chance at finding her elusive happiness. She is determined to win these battles, but at what price?
    At some point you will wonder, how much can one heart endure?
    Vespias is fighting the world around her as well as the one within. But, she has help. She has General Salaris Woodward to help her defeat the primal terror of the undead. She has the charming Bel to help win back her soul from her inner demons. And she has her strong-willed family for support.
    Even with all this, her odds are lean. With every breath, with every hoof beat, failure increases and hope diminishes. Heartbreak and sorrow resume their quest to imprison her in their grasp. Her home is lost, her family scattered. Her soul begins its slow return to darkness. Her two worlds become a test of faith and strength and Vespias may find that her past holds the key to her future…
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    Hi Krisy...I can send you a PDF copy if you like. All I ask in return is a review.
    Somebody kill me please
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    sure thx
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    Where do I send it?
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    Wow, what a match...anybody from LP actually use the site??? It's almost as if it were written specifically...
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