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Spotlight on Soldado

by , Wednesday October 5, 2016
Spotlight on Soldado

Hans Zimmer, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Clint Mansell 

How I got inspired by these three great composers...

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  • Narcy

    mumbled "sometimes....."

    1 days agoReply
    MithraA girl shot in the head with fair ginger blonde hair. A young detective with an incisive mind. A world of trouble.

    you have good ideas

    @[BadassJem] you said supernatural, i tried XD
  • Narcy

    mumbled "I am actually "

    2 days agoReply
    Horrendous at finishing anything. Its a wonder i actually finish my lunch. So imma sit and think for a bit. Maybe romance. Maybe spies. Maybe longform detectives. You decide!
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