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  • TheOneWithWords
    WoW! I love this. Personally, I'm not a 1d fan, but the story line is AMAZING! Please keep writing, I couldn't stop reading, haha!
    Can't wait for the next update!!!!! :D
    a second beginning
    a second beginning
    zayn malik fanfic. They used to be best friends, Zayn and Abby. But then Zayn left to be on the X-Factor and never said goodbye. What happens when Zayn decides to take a year off from his music to finish...
  • TheOneWithWords
    I love this poem! I can relate to it, and the poem makes me feel moved. Thanks for sharing it! ;)
    The Girl In The Mirror
    The Girl In The...
    This is my poem for The Big Poetry Competition, and the poem is about my life. I wrote it when requested, and when read, it brought tears to one i love dearly's eyes. To me, it's my signature poem. It's...
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