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I'm a HUGE fan of One Direction and I love them to death. They are my world and they inspire me soo much, and I'm now a huge fan of True Blood! I'm like addicted to it..... Yes I'm perfectly normal... Also 5SOS is like my life sooo yea.....

#LukeGirl <3

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    mumbled "SORRY "

    Oh my god, sorry to all of you guys for not being on for so long. I just got my laptop fixed and now I can get on the internet. I know I left you all hanging and for that I am truly sorry. So I wanna know how I can make it up to you guys. How about you all tell me what you want and I'll see if I can do it ok? Again, I can't express how sorry I am.
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    mumbled "New Story Idea "

    By the way I have a new idea for a story but I don't know if its gonna be any good...... Its called Grisha: The Beginning..... Its gonna be a sequel if it turns out right.....
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    mumbled "Story Updates"

    Sorry I haven't been on for a long time but I really don't have time seeing as I don't have internet at home and my schools wifi is stupid. I'm only on the internet when I'm at school and I can't get on movellas unless I have the override and its really hard to get so I hope you can be patient please even though I know its a lot to ask. thanks.
    ~Chelsea Xx
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    Sorry guys but I can't update write now because I don't give iOS 7 on my iPod so I can't write chapters in my iPod and I can't update at home because my laptop is broken and I do t have Internet the moment so it's gonna take me a while before I'm able to update again sorry :(
    Don't Forget To Remember Me
    Don't Forget To...
    Chelsea has a brother and a sister whom she loves dearly. But then her mom sends her away and her life changes. She is the rebel kind of girl always looking for trouble and always seems to find it. But...
  • TheMrs.Horan
    Sorry guys I kinda can't update at the moment because I moved schools and the wifi here doesn't let me on movellas I had to hack it just to write this from my iPod
    Forever Or Never
    Forever Or Never
    You think you may know their story. But who are they really? There is a lot you don't know about them and they are for more deadlier than you think, and soon two girls find out and their lives will never...
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