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May not be the best, but writing is something I enjoy soooo...
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  • themockingjay
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    Woah, this is really powerful, it makes me able to really feel what they are feeling :)
    Crooked Young
    Crooked Young
    This story is what is called an exposé - something loosely based on all the drama in my life. The characters of this story take the names of the real people in which they are based on. Fair warning -...
    Jodie Angell
    2 years ago
    Thank you - I'm glad yo enjoyed it :)
  • themockingjay
    Title: Blond-Haired Saviour
    Author : themockingjay
    Color Scheme: Dark with a hint of colour (the man)
    Idea: Blond man (faint) in background, the sea maybe?
    Lavern's Cover Store --closed--
    Lavern's Cover Sto...
    Need a cover? Revision: Need a cover fast? Come on in!
    3 years ago
    Oooo, thank you :) Um so how can I use it? I haven't done this before...
    Lavern L.C.
    3 years ago
    IPad or other touch screen thingy:
    hold down on it, press save image, go to movella, go to cover, press choose, and then upload image, save image without editing, and tada!
    right click, save as, save in a folder you will know, go to movella, etc.
    3 years ago
    thank you! It looks great :)
  • themockingjay
    I would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks
    The silver circle
    The silver circle
    It's been ten years since a deadly plague hit Earth. Survivors struggle to live, though, there is hope - Tierra de Esperanza. Here survivors will be safe and looked after - though when one group of survivors...
  • themockingjay
    I like the idea...liked and faved. To improve you could describe what the girl looked like when he found her and add emotions to describe what each character is feeling - especially when you do the girl's POV.
    My first try at a Firefighter themed story
    Aileah J. Winchester
    Thank you for the constructive critism :) and thank you for the like and fave as well :)
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