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    mumbled "That Special Day! <3"

    Chapter 9-
    _Harry's POV_
    I couldn't help but to stare at her butt when she walked away. She was just so BEAUTIFUL! After she left, I went into the living room and got on my Twitter. I tweeted, ''Sorry I haven't Tweeted lately, I've been busy with my gurllll!! She means the world to me! I love her SO MUCH!'' I got 5,000 re-tweets. I decided to read some tweets the fans sent to me. They were all about the girl I've been with. ''Who's the Mystery Girl, Hazza?'' ''Why Does She Have To Be With YOU?'' I decided to just ignore it.
    -20 Minutes Later-
    I walked into my bedroom, Kayla was on her phone. She held her hand up to stop me from saying anything. I just nodded and walked out. I went to Lou's room and knocked, he answered.
    ''Heeeeeey!'' I said shy-shy
    ''Hey Hazza!'' Lou answered with a big smile. He took my hand and pulled me into his room.
    ''Come hereee, Hazza,'' I nodded and walked over to his bed, I sat.
    ''Have you seen twitter lately?'' I nodded to his question.
    ''Oh, well. Don't let Kayla see. We don't want her HURT AGAIN!'' He glared at me. I just got up and walked back into my room. Kayla was off her phone. She looked worried.

    _Kayla's POV_
    How can I tell Harry I got a phone call from Justin? I needed to tell him before we did ANYTHING! I could make a fake smile and pretend not to be worried. I had a shook, I looked up and saw Harry.
    ''Cough* Uhm, Hi Harry..'' I shy-shy said.
    ''Whats wrong love?'' He came over and sat down next to me.
    ''I got a call...'' I continued, '' From Justin.''
    He got up and started to pace. I went over to him and hugged him.
    ''Don't freak, its cool. I can change my number tomorrow...'' I trailed off. My head was on his chest. I could feel his heart beating fast.
    ''Okay, I'll drive you to the store tomorrow. I promise I won't freak!'' He kissed my head. I let go of the hug and took his hand. I shut the door behind him and locked it. I pushed him up against it. Our faces were inches apart. I just wanted to kiss him to bad, I was biting my lip. We started to kiss, it moved to the bed.
    ~20 Minutes Later~
    He looked so tired. But, I wanted to continue. I just couldn't get enough of this guy. I plopped down next to him. I was breathing really hard. I was smiling, too.
    ''Harry, I love you SO much!!'' I said. I moved my head onto his bare chest.
    ''Kayla, I love you too,'' He smiled, gasping for air.
    ''Its 4:30, Want to go to a dinner date? For the first date?'' He said after.
    ''OMG, I would LOVE TOO!'' I smiled and got out my bad, ''Your lucky I brought clothes for this!'' I ran into the bathroom, putting on a light shade of makeup, and slipping on a black skin tight dress. I put on black high heals to top it off. I decided to curl my hair. After about 30 minutes, it was 5:00pm.
    ''I'm readddddy!!!'' I walked into Harry's room. He was wearing black dress pants and a plaid un-buttoned shirt.
    ''You look beautiful, Kayla!'' I smiled and started to up his shirt.
    ''And your sexy!'' I said back at him kissing his cheek.
    ''BOYS! COME ON! WERE LEAVING!'' Harry screamed.
    ''What there coming, too?'' I looked at Harry. He nodded.
    ''Zayn is bringing Perrie, Niall and Kyla, Lou and Eleanor, and Liam and Danielle!'' I didn't reply. When we walked outside, RIGHT THERE. A PINK. HUMMER LIMO! I've never rode inside of a hummer limo.
    I could tell this was going to be a long night!
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    mumbled "That Special Day! <3"

    Chapter 8-
    _Harry's POV_
    I'm surprised, Justin had the guts to come back into Kayla's life. He raped her and then left there family. If i EVER see that basterd again, MMMM. I'm going to do SO MUCH SHIT TO HIM! Kayla feel asleep, it took a while to get to the clubhouse. She looked so scared when she walked into the room telling me to get dressed!
    ''NO. STOP IT. DON'T. JUSTIN. STOP IT! LET ME GO!'' Kayla screamed in her sleep. I shook her a few times. She woke up gasping for air. She looked me and burst into tears. I hugged her and didn't let go.
    ''Harry, what if Justin finds me?'' She said into my chest.
    ''Kayla, if he TRYS to lay a finger on you. I will kill him, I swear. he can't touch you as long as I'm around babe,'' I kissed her head and started to hum WMYB. She feel back to sleep and didn't have nightmare for the rest of the night. I feel asleep an hour after she did. I was tired.
    _Kayla's POV_
    I woke up on the floor, cold. Harry was gone. I freaked out.
    ''HARRY! HARRRRY!'' I kept screaming. I heard somebody running up the stairs.
    ''I'm here. I had to pee. Sorry, I didn't know you would wake up. I'm sorry!'' He hugged me. I was relieved Justin didn't find us.
    ~2 Days Later~
    We went back to my flat. It was ruined. My front door was broken and my favorite picture of me and the guys was broken.
    ''Harry, can I stay a your place for a while?'' I said looking at him, worried.
    ''Of course you can, Kayla!!'' He smiled and I walked into my room. I grabbed a bad and put all the stuff I would need over the next few nights. I walked out and noticed Harry disappeared.
    "Harrrrry!'' I screamed, '' STOP PLAYING AROUND!'' I screamed. I ran around looking through all the rooms. I couldn't find Harry. I ran outside and looked around. I ran outback and saw him, he was sitting on the ledge of my porch. I ran up to him and hugged him from behind. He flinched a little.
    ''Stop scaring me like that, honey!'' I said scared. I backed away so he could climb down. But, he didn't.
    ''Harry? Whats wrong?'' I said..
    ''When you were packing your bag, I got a call from Paul..'' He said.
    ''And?'' I said, worried.
    ''We go on tour in 2 days, I don't know what to do. I can't just leave you here alone with Justin out of prison,'' He said.. I poked him until he turned around to face me.
    ''Can't I go with you?'' I said to Harry.
    ''I asked Paul, he said it was to soon.. He said you could. But, I didn't know if you wanted to. So,'' He trailed off. I kissed his nose. He giggled.
    ''Lets go to your flat now, Harry!'' I jumped up and down and took his hand and pulled him outside to his car.
    ~15 minutes later!~
    We walked into the living room and say Niall and Zayn asleep. We walked into the kitchen and saw Lou and Liam drinking pop. I ran up to them and gave them a HUGE hug!
    ''Ive missed you guys SOO MUCH!'' After I gave them a hug I went back over to Harry.
    ''Soo, did you guys have a funnn alone time?'' They laughed. So did I.
    ''I think we had some fun, Did you have fun Kayla?'' He gave me a small grin.
    ''Oh yeaah. Wanna go have some more fun? Your room. 20 minutes?'' I gave him a smirk and giggled.
    ''Okay'' He laughed.
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    mumbled "That Special Day! <3"

    Chapter 7-
    _Harry's POV_
    I knocked on Kayla's door and then it opened. I saw Kayla's face, it was all puffy and red, just like mine. I waved. She waved back.
    ''Can I come in, Kayla?'' She nodded. She took my hand and pulled me into the front room.
    ''Don't ask what happened in here I'll tell you later, just explain what happened in your kitchen!' She said angrily.
    ''Okay, well. I woke up at 4:30. And you were sound asleep. I didn't want to wake you, so I went into the kitchen and got some orange juice. And then I felt small arms around my waist, I thought it was you-'' She cut me off.
    ''Oh, so now my arms remind you of your ex-girlfriend? THATS SO NICE OF YOU TO SAY HAROLD!'' She was pissed. She ran into the kitchen and threw some glass, it broke. I walked into the kitchen and saw her crying. I ran up to her and hugged her.
    ''DON'T TOUCH ME!'' She screamed and pushed me off her.
    ''Sorry, I'll just leave. You seem way to pissed. Just, call me when you want me to come back over..'' I said with teary eyes. I got up and walked to the door.
    ''Harry, don't go. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Please, don't go!'' She said while she was grabbing my hand. I turned around. She pushed me up against the door.
    ''Harry.. I love you!'' Kayla said. She was crying in my chest. I hated being the reason why she was hurt.
    ''Kayla, I love you, too.'' I kissed her head. She looked up at me and smiled. She grabbed my two side belt lopes and pulled me closer. I bit my lip, while looking at hers.
    ''Harry, I need you. Never leave me. PLEASE.'' She said looking into my eyes.
    ''I promise to never leave you. I'll stay with you FOREVER!!!" I said, I kissed her cheek. She put her hands on the door locks, she locked both of them.
    ''Harry, PLEASE tell me you have a condom?'' I nodded.
    We ran into Kayla's room. Makeup sex!
    ~30 minutes later~
    _Kayla's POV_
    I heard a knock at the door.
    ''Harry, get that?'' I said gasping for air.
    ''No, you get it. Its your flat!!'' Harry said.
    I groaned and got up. I slipped Harry's shirt on and a pair of shorts. I walked to the door and unlocked it. I opened the door and saw my crazy step dad.
    ~When I was 10 years old. My mom married my step dad, Justin. When my mom wasn't home he used to rape me and told me to keep my mouth shut or else. He raped me over 20 times in 3 months. I haven't told anybody, except Harry.~ I slammed the door shut and locked the all 5 bults on it. Even the pad lock. I ran to my room and told harry to get dressed. I took off his shirt and threw it at him. I put a bra on and got a random shirt and through it on. I stripped my shorts, put panties on and pulled on skinny jeans. I got some tennis shoes on with socks. I ran out the back door.
    ''Kayla, what happened back there?'' He said gasping for air. I hugged him tight. We were hiding in our old fort in the woods. Nobody knew about it. It looks as if we just left it yesterday. Fresh blankets, pillows, and everything else. <3
    ''Step Dad. Story. Back.'' I said while breathing.
    I pulled Harry under the short door and sat on his lap.
    ''We have to hide for a while, is that okay with you?'' I said biting my lip hard. Harry nodded and sent the guys a text message saying, ''Going to be over at Kayla's house. Don't stop by, Personal time. Be back in about 2-3 days. Love you! <3 '' They said it was okay.
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    mumbled "That Special Day! <3"

    Chapter 6-
    _Harry's POV_
    I woke up with Kayla's head on my chest. She was sound asleep. I lightly lifted her head and slid a pillow underneath of it while I climbed off the bed. I put some boxers on and went into the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator door and get out some orange juice. I grabbed a glass and poured some, then jumped. I felt small arms around my waist and I assumed it was Kayla. When I turned around I noticed it wasn't Kayla, but it was my ex-girlfriend Tracy. I took her arms off me and whispered, ''Tracy, what the hell are you doing here?''
    ''I missed you, Harry. I need you back, please!'' She said with a whimper.
    ''No, I moved on, Tracy!'' I said. She hugged me strongly.
    ''I'm not leaving!'' Tracy yelled.
    ''What will it take to get you to get our of my flat?'' I said angrily.
    ''One last kiss, Hazza!'' She used to call me Hazza while we dated.
    ''Fine!'' She sat on top of the counter, and pulled me by my neck to her. She put her hands on my waist and kissed me, just when... Kayla walked in.
    ''H-Harry...'' Kayla said as I pulled away from Tracy.
    ''Its not what it looks like! I SWEAR!'' I screamed.
    ''Whos this slut?'' Tracy said staring at me.
    ''This is Kayla. And shes NOT a slut!'' I slapped her. Kayla ran out of the kitchen crying. I ran after her.

    _Kayla's POV_
    Harry kissed his ex-girlfriend! I ran into his room and grabbed my car keys. I ran past the living room, waving to the boys with tears down my cheeks. Niall ran after me, before I opened the door.
    ''KAYLA WAIT!" I heard Niall scream.
    ''What?'' I said in between my sniffles.
    ''Whats wrong?!'' He said concerned.
    ''Harry! We has sex and now he runs off to his ex! WAS I NOT GOOD ENOUGH!'' I opened the door and ran out to my car. I shoved my car key into the door and unlocked it. I sat in the drivers seat bursting into tears, I locked the car doors and sat for 10 minutes crying. I decided to go home.
    ~10 minutes later~
    I unlocked the front door then slammed the door shut. I locked the top and bottom lock. I ran to my room and sat on my bed crying. ``Why would Harry do this to me? Did he still love Tracy? Did he just play me for sex?`` All these question played through my mind. I kept crying until I heard my phone ring. It was Harry. I whipped my face and answered.
    I cleared my throat and said, ''Harry, what the hell do you want?''
    ''I'm sorry. Can I come over? We can talk it all out. Please, Kayla.?'' He said, he sounded like he just got done crying.
    ''Harry, I don't care. Come over. Just, don't touch me!'' I said angrily.
    ''Okay, I promise. I'll be over in 10!'' He hung up. I went to the door and unlocked it. I decided to open up twitter. I saw the first post, it said ''HARRY AND NEW GIRL? SAW RUNNING OUT OF HIS FLAT CRYING AFTER EX-GF WALKED IN 10 MINUTES BEFORE'' I slammed my laptop shut and threw it at the wall. It hit my T.V. Then my T.V feel. Great. I got up and walked into the kitchen. I saw a picture of Harry on my fridge. I ripped it into shreds. I went into my room, I broke my mirror and my lamp. Just when, I heard a knock on the door. I just whipped my face and walked to the door. I opened it up and saw Harry. His face was all puffy and red, so was mine.
    ''Kayla, I'm... I'm so sorry! Can I come in?'' He asked. And I nodded.
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    mumbled "That Special Day! <3"

    Chapter 5- *IF UNDER 15!! DON'T READ THIS CHAPTER!*
    _Kayla's POV_
    I got up from the couch and ran to Harry's room. He knew what was coming, I could tell.
    After I made it to Harry's bedroom. I hid in the bathroom. I took off my shirt and pants and ran out quickly. I jumped onto his bed and hid under the covers. I heard him coming through the door, breathing heavily. I peaked my head out of the covers, he saw. Harry shut the door and locked it and ran over to me.
    ''I got you now babe'' I giggled and pulled off the covers, revealing myself. I could tell he was shocked. The last time he saw me barely clothed was at Lou's pool. He smiled and climbed on top of me, he pined me down. I giggled. He started to kiss my neck softly. I moaned a little. He moved lower and lower with the kissing until he reached my breasts. I was moaning louder now. He knew how to pleasure a girl. Sense I was wearing a bra that un-hooked from the front, he lightly un-hooked it, revealing my breasts. He bit his lip, I could tell he wanted more.

    _Harry's POV_
    I un-hooked her bra as easily as I could. It revealed so much beauty of her. She was blushing. I was biting my lip. I stopped and laid down next to her, with myself pressed up against her.
    I whispered in her ear, ''I want you so badly right now, Kayla.'' She moaned at the moment she heard 'want'. I could tell she wanted me, too. Soon shes going to crack, but I won't force her to do anything until shes ready.

    _Kayla's POV_
    He has himself pressed up against me. I couldn't help but to let out a moan. He was so hard, I could feel it pressing up against my leg. I wanted him SO badly. I was ready for him, I knew it. I was just scared. I rolled over on top of him, sitting on his knees. I un-did his belt and his zipper. I could feel his dick pressing up against his pants. He really wanted me badly. I giggled at that thought. I pulled off his pants, he wasn't wearing any boxers, therefore he was hard right in front of me. He was blushing really bad. I just giggled. I griped his dick and moved my hand up and down slowly, making him splat all over my hand, I licked it clean. He looked shocked.. I let go of his dick, and made my way back up to his face. Are faces were inches apart. I started grinding on him slowly, causing him to start breathing heavily. I bit my lip, while looking at his. I slammed my face against his and we were kissing for about 2 minutes until he started to pull down my panties.

    _Harry's POV_
    I was harder then I have ever been. I've never felt this way about her before. I wanted her SO badly. I rolled us over and I was on top now. I started to pull down her panties, causing her to moan by the touch of my fingertips.
    ''Kayla, I need you MORE then EVER!'' I said while breathing really heavy.
    ''I need you too, Harold!'' She never called me Harold. It was a turn on. I pulled out a sliver package and opened it. I slipped the condom on and said, ''Are you sure honey? I don't want to force you. But, before I do ANYTHING, I have to eat you`''
    ''Harry,'' She moaned,'' Please do ANYTHING to me, I need you right now. More then ever. Just fuck me already!!!''
    I moved my face down to her area and slipped a finger in her. She was SO tight. I needed to loosen her up. I slipped another finger inside of her, then another. I had 3 fingers in her. She was moaning like crazy. I took the fingers out of her and licked them clean.

    _Kayla's POV_
    I moaned as he had 3 fingers in me. As soon as he took them out, he slipped his YANNO in me. I whinsed a little in pain, but I saw it coming. It felt so good.
    ~1 Hour later~
    Harry laid next to me after the amazing time we hand.
    ''That.. Was.. Amazing... Styles..'' I said gasping for breath.
    ''I can't... Believe.. We... Had.. SEX..'' Harry said.
    ''Lets take a nap, naked Harry!'' I looked at him.
    ''Okay!'' He said. I moved closer to him and we cuddled up. We feel asleep minutes later.
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