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Currently in a state of lazyness. But i will write something. I WILL

  • TheEvanescenceBegins
    beautifullll <3
    I was waiting for that
    and that chapter made my day :)
    well done m'dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    (ps. why you no on facebook?)
    Young Again
    Young Again
    Sophie Heathers - a withered, ninety year old woman - is placed in the body of Brooke Braigly, a young woman barely out of her teens. She has three months of youth to herself. But when scientists come...
    6 years ago
    awwh thank you m'dear <3
    (p.s. am now xxxxxxxxxx)
  • TheEvanescenceBegins
    oh you amazing child.....
    if my writing skills were half as brilliant as yours, i may just have a hope in this cruel world X)
    this is just...wow xxxxx
    Tales of Warlia I: The Purple Pendant
    Tales of Warlia...
    Dracus lives in the slums of Great Lenorium. His profession is lock-picking. However, after thieving from a jeweller he brings home an enchanted purple pendant, and his life changes forever. Read this...
    D: without my knowledge? well thats a new one...
    7 years ago
    No I mean when we stole each others, when we were practising in class for the English descriptive writing assessment. :D
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