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Well :) It's nice to meet you :)
I'm just a girl who loves to read... but especially write...
It is truly incredible watching your characters personalities evolve along with the story you have created. Watch your characters begin as small structures, soon becoming large and incredible skyscrapers! Watch as you create your own people, and give them incredible and upsetting situations... you have all power over them, it is like playing god!

My name is Chloe and I am the Broken Dreamer <3

I have drama and I have memories. That's life. Live it. Love it.
Learn from it...<3

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    Omg this is soo good :) what incredibely epic person may have written this wid youu ?? ahah xx its moi btw !! :)
    Scandal (A Cantwell Nover - Book 1)
    Scandal (A Cantwel...
    Guess what Cantwell students? I'm here to spill all the gossip of the last 7 days! Why, cause that's my job, and if you don't like it. Better embrace the suck. xoxo
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