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"We all have doubts about ourselves sometimes. Its part of what makes us sentient beings. Doubt makes us examine ourselves and all that we do. And without that we become nothing short of monsters." - Princess Leia Organa

Hello everyone and welcome. My name is Daniel, I'm 18 and I work full time. I've always had a creative bone in my body and it has been a dream of mine to publish some of my own work... for long then five minutes before taking it down in embarrassment.

Fun Facts about me:

Fact One: My Star sign is Cancer.

Fact Two: I claim not to be emotional over things but I get overly emotional while watching films/TV Shows or listening to music.

Fact Three: I get offended when people pull their dogs away from me.

Fact Four: I will fight anyone who hates animals.

Fact Five: I'm a Hufflepuff and a Pukwudgie

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