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not hella sad, just hella fab
❁ tina, a frustrated seventeen year old book hermit ( i really like koalas, so calling me koalette is great, i mean, it even sounds french)
❁ i live and breathe all things in connection to hot chocolate, 20 century movies and bands
❁ my swag levels make regina george go jelly
❁ jane austen is my soul sister
❁ have fully invested my soul into the tv show teen wolf, so don't you dare ask me if i am okay
❁ english is not my first language
❁ i got 99 problems, but being sarcastic ain't one of them
❁ i've got a soft spot for boys that are killer in maths and know their history books
❁ music fascinates me to the extent where there will be major song references in my stories
❝ can i just write a world, and go live in it? ❞

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    The Fake Plastic...
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