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I write fanfictions, love certain types of shows & movies (especially Marvel & some DC) & some fiction books. Some of you may know me from my previous profile @Hircine the Hunter. If you do follow me then I will follow you back. Simple as that

Favorite Bands:
Breaking Benjamin
Five Finger Death Punch
Avenged Sevenfold
Three Days Grace
Sixx A.M.
Drowning Pool

Favorite Movies:
All Marvel Movies
All DC Movies
Lord of the Rings Series
The Hobbit Series
Transformers Series
All Unmarked Marvel Movies (e.g. Blade, The Punisher, Daredevil (Movie), Elektra, etc.)

Favorite Shows:
The Punisher (As soon as it comes out)
The Walking Dead
Once Upon A Time
Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Favorite Games:
Fallout 4
Elder Scrolls Online
7 Days to Die
Third Age Total War
Halo Series

Favorite Books:
Percy Jackson Series
Heroes of Olympus Series

Magic the Gathering
Fictional Stuff

  • Predaking
    18 hours agoReply
    Decided I might actually make myself a journal and make journal entries XD Heard some methods from my grandma of relieving stress. One is by using your finger to close your right nostril and breathe in using only your left nostril. Another is apparently by holding your ear or even putting your finger in the center of your forehead. Wouldn't know if they work or not cause I'm not stressed right now XD
  • Predaking
    1 days agoReply
    You're probably gonna be shocked by how many notifications you're gonna get from me, but I honestly don't care XD XP It's still only the first day of summer and I'm bored out of my mind. Just stuck with my family for 3 months straight with nobody else I trust, like or is available to talk to. I miss you like crazy already Sis. Kinda feel like doing this everyday as it helps relax me I guess. Sort of like journal entries meant only for you to see :P This sort of helps me until you get your phone (if you get your phone) as though I'm sending letters to you and you're just not able to reply :P
  • Predaking
    1 days agoReply
    /.\ I miss you already sis. I already want the summer to end. The second I got home I slept hard from everything I regretting not saying to you the last time I saw you. There were so many things I wanted to say but the idiot part of me took over and I for some reason decided to let you go and be with the others. I'm already regretting so much and it's making me want to sleep more and more everyday until the summer is over /.\ God this is gonna be a long summer

  • Predaking

    mumbled "Anybody else?"

    1 days agoReply
    Really hating summer right now and it just barely started
    1 days ago
    It's fine. Don't worry about it
    When you break up with a friend it's god telling you that you weren't meant to be friends or it's him telling you that you will come back together stronger it depends which path you take
    20 hours ago
    Oh were still firends. I was just saying that we have no way of communicating over the summer
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