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I like Eddsworld alot so that should explain the picture! Watch Eddsworld!!! I'm only a 10 year old boy who loves the work of Edd Gould (decieced) & Thomas ??? (known as Tomska)(Tom is the one in the picture) Tomska is also a main character in the hillarious series Eddsworld! Nickname: Moo! Random Word: Moo!

  • The Moo
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    Hope ya get TOP 3
    :3 L: :P :s
    Wolf Boy
    Wolf Boy
    We all know that Jacob and Bella are long time friends. Jacob wants to be more than that. Bella does too. So why can't their undying love flourish? The answer is simple. Edward. He has also been watching...
    5 years ago
    Thanks :) it actually got first
  • The Moo
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    I haven't read it yet but its still one of my favorite Movellas! Got anymore where that came from?
    Everything (A Sonic Fanfic)
    Everything (A Soni...
    After his latest defeat at the hands of Sonic, the evil Dr. Eggman sets his newest plan into motion - one that involves a girl from the distant past. When Kay wakes up and learns of her role in his newest...
    As a matter of fact I do! If the cover uploader ever works I will have Book 2 out soon :)
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