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Being new to Movellas

by , Sunday November 27, 2016
 Being new to Movellas

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Doing something or being in a new place can be nerve wracking.

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  • The Lone Writer 46
    A perfect way to start. Keep it up.
    On Top of Maddox High
    On Top of Maddox...
    Karma James is pretty, popular and rich. She is queen bee. Natalie O’Riley is Daddy’s little girl. She can anything she want with a snap of her fingers. Calum Wilson is handsome, dark and mysterious....
    Krika Akamine
    1 years ago
    Thanks but @[BabyGirlBooo ❤️ ] done the first chapter but I'm scared that I will stuff it up DX
    The Lone Writer 46
    Have faith in yourself PL. I think you're awesome.
    Krika Akamine
    1 years ago
    Okay I will
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