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Mmmh! What to say?... How 'bout mylikes&dislikes? (: okey-dokey lets go with that...

Likes; food (in general:P), Irish accents, American accents, Canadian accents and British accents:P

Music; Avenged Sevenfold ('specially Synyster Gates:P&Zacky Vengeance:P) Rihanna, Taylor Swift, TOAST! *random#1* Bruno Mars, ONE DIRECTION!! (I regret nothing!!!),

Moovies; Scrubs, Harry Potter (according to my dad I look like Emma Watson:/), Scary Movies1-4, POKEMON! <had to be said>, The Grudge, Insidious +sooo scary+, Sinister, Knocked Up, Lord Of The Rings, Star Trek, 1D3D when it comes out (of course!)
Comedy; Russel Howard, Michael Mcintyre, KOALA *random#2* Al Murray aka Pub Landlord, Lee evans (I've met him!! xD), Norman Wisdom -legend-, Laurel&Hardy <R.I.P you geniuses>, Kevin Bridges, Daniel Sloss (HE LIVES NEAR ME!!! :D *stalker mood activated*)

Random; porcelain dolls (you might think its weird but I love umm... Why? Cos I fricking can!) reading, dancing <im in the mood for dancing, romancing(88) sorry had to be done> JUICE! *random#3* although I actually do love juice aha , clooothes ^_^ =well of course I like clothes, imma girl lol= cuddly toys (their so cuute >_<), mystical creatures ~as I have probably already said it I'm not saying it again, aww who cares what I think, I'll say it again; imma weirdo =_=~, singing +check out my youtube, waterchild131, thats such a lame name+ I have more likes but I cant remember them all and I cant be bothered to write anymore tbh, anyhoo... KEVIIIN!! *random #4*

Onto the dislikes; feet O.o <their disgusting, I only like mine >-< their small&cuute>, bimbos, snobs, chavs, neds, assholes that take pride in putting other people down, people staring at me with an "im judging you" look (ok, enough with the stereotypes), honey -the food, not the movie-, marmite +seriously who could like marmite?:/+, movies with too MUCH kissy-kissy <makes me puke>, robert pattinson -i mean seriously whats so special about a sparkling pixie who looks like he's on drugs when you see him O.o-, christmas, im gonna end it there now... Oh wait I have one more dislike... HEIGHTS! <i have a major phobia:S>, anyhoo thats enough from meee... Kjajmdmagjtmdajm (spas attack) catch!! ♥^________^♥

P.S I love, repeat LOVE One Direction and I REGRET NOTHING!!! XD

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