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Welcome to The Inteligence Division.

Thoughts on any of my work? I'd love to hear them. Use any form on this site or drop me an email via the address below or my bandcamp 'contact' form.
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Winner of the Best Trailer Category:
Drawing+Writing Competition 2016 with 'Glacier Towers'
Winner of 'music' catagory- Young happy Minds Competition 2015-
Humphrey The Wonderdog
Winner of local library short story competition - Breakfast With A Rabbit
Second place, local poetry competition- unpublished work.

Greetz to sceners.

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    The Wolves of Mateo. Awesome story that the audiobook development really brought something unique to.
    The Intelligence Division
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    Eyyy :D
    ...Also for me it's like, the only one of the audio stories (apart from The Vloodmir Vampires) that isn't somehow based in romance, like, it's got romance in it, and nothing against romance, but there's disappointingly (like, *really* disappointingly) little diversity in the audio stories so far, and this one feels just that bit unique. For me it was a call between this and the Vloodmir Vampires, which is of course rated R, so for sake of younger readers/nominators/voters, it has to be this one.
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    I was just about to nominate 'The Wolves of Mateo.' it is an amazing story. It has great detail and is an amazing book all around I highly enjoyed reading the book
    Chloe McCormick
    5 days ago
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    Oh gosh, thanks so much! I didn't expect even the one nomination never mind three :D
    Glad to see some of you enjoyed it!
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    mumbled "'Themes' - My New EP"

    Listen on Bandcamp here:

    Hey guys :D
    Today I released this compilation of pieces of music written for other people's characters!
    I decided to take a break from my own work to help out some other people :)
    I put a lot of faith in music when it comes to planning my writing, so I volunteered to write a number of character themes for people who were interested.
    ...Unfortunately this started reflecting badly on my time management so I had to stop, but there were enough creators who were willing for my work to be shared for me to be able to release this collection.
    Someone suggested I should turn this into a paid service but I'm keen to wait for more feedback before I try that.
    I'd really love to know all your thoughts!
    Of course!
    1) Definitely! In my mind, even if something you create is created for someone else, or based on someone else's work, it's still your art/song/story for you to do what you want with.
    2) I thought that the process for this went really well. I was honestly expecting you to be a bit slower (as someone who can barely read music, the idea of writing it is crazy to me) and was pleasantly surprised by how fast you went! Your communication was pretty awesome as well, and I'm sure many paying customers will enjoy that factor. I was also very happy with the result and am sure others will be as well.
    3) This was a pretty awesome experience because it helped me see my character in a way I hadn't considered before. It's really cool to see how other people interpret your characters, and I think that will help my writing for sure. The questions you asked at the beginning also helped me to think about my character in a way I never had while writing. For example, I've never really thought about what sort of instruments would represent her, or what kind of genre she would be as a song. While those things may not help the story directly, they definitely help me to get a better understanding of my character, which will help my writing as well.

    I wish you luck! If you need any help with anything just let me know! :D
    The Intelligence Division
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    Awww thank you so much this feedback will be so insanely useful!!

    I'm so glad you've enjoyed this - it really means a lot to me and I've really enjoyed collaborating with you! I will continue to follow your work :D
    Thank you so much again for all your help!
    No problem! I enjoyed collaborating with you as well! :D
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    mumbled "Soundtrack to a Film about the internal struggles of transgender people "

    Hey guys,
    So yesterday evening I released this piece of music. It's a theme to a short film I helped make about the internal struggles of transgender people and I'd really like to know your thoughts.
    I've tried to write something both slightly unsettling, but overall optimistic, that gives the sense of asking a question. You might be able to tell it's based on themes to various detective tv series, including but not limited to, yes, Sherlock.
    I'm looking forward to knowing what you guys think!
    The Intelligence Division
    Awesome! I'm so glad you like it!
    Quite a few people have noted its game-like qualities so it's interesting that you pick out Undertale specifically. I'm also so glad you can pick out its message! :D
    My favourite of the inspirations has to be the theme from BBC's 'Dirk Gently' series, as I think it is superior to the Sherlock theme in every way and as such this bears quite a bit of resemblance to it, but those are just my opinions XD.
    I'll have to check that one out!
    The Intelligence Division
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    Haha you totally should! The series was shortlived, but really excellent. If you like Stephen Mangan, Sherlock, anything by Douglas Adams, or really anything involving detectives it really is a super-underrated must-watch.
    And the title sequence rules XD
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    Movellys 2017

    Hey guys,
    I hope y'all are having a really great christmas/winter/holiday season.
    As there will undoubtedly be some sort of review of the year, possibly including but by no means limited to Movellys, I thought I'd create this thread to discuss what we plan on doing, and who plans on offering to do what to help out Skye and the team make it successful/memorable/good etc.

    To, as it were, 'get the ball rolling', I thought we could offer to create a winners' announcement video, kind of like how we didn't have last year but did the two preceeding years. Naturally, I would be happy to create this if you guys could help out with filming bits of it.

    As always, any other suggestions of things we could do would be more than welcome.

    What are all our initial thoughts?

    @[the force of storms] @[Chrissy Sky] @[AnimeAffinity] @[Skyana]
    The Intelligence Division
    Not sure but it'll need to be pretty quick, else we're holding up the site's social media schedules, which from what I've seen in other similar companies will potentially have been planned as much as three years in advance and not the sort of thing you want to delay.
    I think it would be timely/sensible/fair/okay to allow a week to collect the footage together,
    the force of storms
    A week seems like a good amount of time - we'll need to start asking the other ambassadors soon about what roles they want in this

    And while we're waiting for all the nominations to happen, we could make a start on the questions we're going to ask the people who get interviewed. Do you think sending a list of questions would be better like Movellas used to do for takeovers, or asking the questions one by one in a conversation thread?
    The Intelligence Division
    Send the questions all over in one go I should think.

    I'll make a thread on the ambassadors group as soon as I can. If no one responds we can chase people individually and ask them.
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