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  • The Impossible Wise Girl
    Your ending is really amazing! I loved every word and the detail put into it is great :)
    Alternate Ending to the Blood of Olympus
    Alternate Ending...
    This is for the writing contest, the Blood of Olympus. It's an ending I would like, to wrap up the Blood of Olympus and the entire PJO saga.
  • The Impossible Wise Girl
    This was great!!! Honestly, this is one of the best entries I've read out of all them :) I can't believe you ended it with a cliffhanger! Hasn't Rick put us through enough? :P The detail in your writing is absolutely amazing, and I teared up a bit while reading this. I really did love your ending, good luck with the competition! :)
    Piper (Blood of Olympus entry)
    Piper (Blood of...
    My entry for the Blood of Olympus competition. From Piper's point of view and how she feels. I hope you like it.
    3 years ago
    One can never have enough cliff hangers...hehehehehe :P (I'm a sucker for a cliff hanger)
    I'm glad you liked my ending. Thank you.
  • The Impossible Wise Girl
    I love how you killed Octavian. Doughnuts XD But Percy and Hazel's death made me cry buckets! Overall, it's an amazing ending, especially since it is most probably the only Frank ending! Good luck with the competition! :)
    Blood Of Olympus - Alternate Ending
    Blood Of Olympus...
    My entry in Frank's POV for the Blood of Olympus competition. First time actually writing and completing something so hopefully it isn't too bad!
    3 years ago
    thanks! good luck to you too XP
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