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    spelling needs to be fixed
    Love The Horror
    Love The Horror
    linda has one true pashon. Horror. she is in love with the thought of horror, gosts, zombies, and anything paranormal. she has watched every horror movie ever made in every launguage. one day she moves...
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    mumbled "a short story "

    One time I was walking home from school with my friend, when we noticed car following us. My city is super safe and it was daylight so we ignored it and kept walking. Finally the car left and later on we passed a house with the car in the driveway,and heard the loudest scream come from the house
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    mumbled "UPCOMING BOOK"

    we are going to write a new book it will be called the day before the dead just don get possessed tonight so you can read it :) it will be are first book so no hate
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