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I have lots of things I want to say. I just choose not to say them.

  • Will Vaughan
    This is great so far!
    A Scandal In Movellia
    A Scandal In Movel...
    Someone, somewhere, is murdering Movellians, picking them off one by one, wiping out the population of the site. Now, a bunch of aspiring authors, bogged down by homework, might sound like an easy target,...

  • Will Vaughan

    mumbled "It's happened..."

    For the first time ever... I have writer's block. I don't want to do any writing because I don't know what to write. It's as though I've hit a massive wall that's too tall for me to climb over; which is saying something because I'm pretty damn tall. Don't be surprised if my activity on here trails off for a bit. I'm not "leaving forever" because I love writing (it's pretty much all I'm any good at), I'm just thinking of what to put in my next story. And it will be a good one, I promise.
    2 years ago
    You should put Shrek in your next story
  • Will Vaughan

    mumbled "So many thoughts"

    Good god, where do I begin? So I just finished my novel "Out go the lights" which took an entire month to plan out and write! I also have a new thing coming called "Think before you type", a short novel that deals with cyber bullying. Besides all of my writing, I finally managed to watch the Social Network last night! It was so cool! I would, however, change the British age rating from a 12 to a hearty 15 as there were many explicit scenes. Also last Wednesday, I spammed a load of people via email by sending them multiple photos of famous TV chef Ainsley Harriott. Aren't I humorous?
  • Will Vaughan

    mumbled "The scariest story ever??"

    So I'm making a new story with a horror theme to it and I need some ideas. Could you please link me the scariest story you've read on this website please? Thanks in advance
    Sariously, Dude
    2 years ago
    SCARY GHOST STORYS (book 2)Mwhahaha! This is my second book of scary ghost story's. goodnight, don't let the bed bugs bite!!

    PredatorLondon, 1867. A little girl. A concerned a nursemaid. A chilling tale you won't soon forget. Dare you join the game?

    Darkened AlleySo this is an attempt for the Halloween competition...I haven't really written a proper thriller/horror poem before so hopefully it's scary enough!

    The Camping Trip - A Spooky Story...just a scary story that I wrote

    Mirrors.I thought it was just a joke. Just a stupid Halloween prank. But I was wrong. All three of us where wrong. The nightmares are becoming a reality and there'...

    These are good stories....
    Will Vaughan
    2 years ago
    Thank you
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