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    Potential professor x student story...?

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    I have a story I'm writing called Disguised as Hannah, I would love if you could check it out and leave some feedback!
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    mumbled "New story - please read it :("

    2 weeks agoReply
    Please go check out my new story and let me know what you think! I'm desperate. jk. But I am...I haven't been on this site for like 4 years, nor have I really written within that time frame. I'm just getting back into things so please don't judge my shitty writing style haha ;)
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    mumbled "New book!"

    3 weeks agoReply
    Hey everyone! I haven't been on this site in like 4 years?!?! I just uploaded the first five chapters of a story idea I'm working on. I would super appreciate if you checked it out and left some feedback:) If there's a story you'd like checked out leave the title below!
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    Anger Managment
    Anger Managment
    Jesse was always sweet. He loved everyone, and everyone loved him. His best friend Hazel was the same. They were never apart. They were inseparable, and Hazel was torn when he moved away. Six years...
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    5 years agoReply
    I love love love this!!! I don't know who Luke Hemmings is though...lol. But still. I actually teared up after she had the dream about her father :(
    I only read the first couple of chapters...but I swear if they don't get together by the end I will be upset...
    Anyway, I didn't notice any mistakes. And I like your type of writing! I don't know if it's completed or not...but if not. UPDATE!!!! Because im going to be reading all of this like right now I'm hooked! Good work! :)
    Heartbreak Boy (5SOS not famous)
    Heartbreak Boy (5S...
    Abby and Luke have been best friends for forever, but when Abby starts developing feelings for Luke things get complicated. Abby knows that Luke is dating Boston, but she can't help her feelings... Can...
    5 years ago
    thank you so so so much!!!!!! Your support really helps me! Thank you for reading it. And Luke Hemming (along with Calum, Ashton, and Michael) are from a band call 5 Seconds Of Summer. I suggest listening to them, but you don't have to. <3 Again, thank you!
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