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Hello, I'm Rebecca, and I'm a Guide Ambassador.
I love to write poetry and stories, but I prefer writing poems.
My inspiration comes from life experiences which a typical teenage girl goes through and Shane Koyczan, (I'm like in love with him...) Please check out my Movellas, and leave CC or whatever and it'll be very appreciated.
From feedback, I'd recommend 'Why are you too blind to see' and 'I loved you', they're the most popular Movellas I have I guess...
I hope that my poetry will change how you think. Help those who feel alone realize that you're not. We've all got secrets, we've all got fears and we've all got regrets. I hope I can help people with words or actions. There is hope for us yet.
Anyway, please check out my good friend SkyRocket. She would love all the feedback you can possibly give her.

Thank you so much for reading and support :)


'Don't give up on hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out.'

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    mumbled "Apologies "

    Hey guys, Sorry for a long absences from Movellas. It's been very hard at the moment. Although I cannot promise that I'll never go so inactive again, I'll still attempt the odd Movella here and there...
    Luke J.R
    1 years ago
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    Good to hear your back :)
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    mumbled "'Sometimes things have to go very wrong, before they can be right' "

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    'Sometimes things have to go very wrong, before they can be right'
    Best describes my life before I met Sam. I'll probably never tell him this but before I met him, I don't think I had ever felt the cold floor of rock bottom. I don't think I ever hated myself as much as I did before him. I just basically didn't want to continue trying, or talking or even making friends and moving on from the pit of adolescent state of pure sadness that I hadn't really experienced before. I genuinely felt useless. My reflection spoke nothing but the hatred I felt inside towards everyone and myself. I could've ripped myself apart, and it wouldn't of hurt, nor would I had been scared.
    But Sam was that light at the end of a never ending dark tunnel. He was the stairs from the bottom back to the top, and because of his help and love, I making my way upwards. I've gained an insane amount confidence back. There are just no words that could sum up the beauty and wonderful exciting feelings he's given me. I guess the terribly cliché thing to say about Sam is that I love him. :') 28/08/12

    'Life is exciting if you want it to be. Life is worth living.'
    1 years ago
    I'm glad you met Sam.. and wish you all best of luck.. Happy valentines day for the two of you!
    The Escapist
    1 years ago
    Aww thank you! Hope you had a lovely valentines day aswell!
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    mumbled "Dear my Fans"

    Sorry to followers/supporters of 'Philadelphia' but I have taken it down. I hoped for it to get updated at least once a week but due to college and health related things, it wasn't the case. Thanks to @[Luke J.R] for the help towards it and maybe in the future, once I've gotten on top of things, it'll be re uploaded.
    Hopefully soon I can continue to write.

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    mumbled "Shane Koyzcan (8)"

    He was a brown branch crafted on to a different tree - adopted. Not because his parents opted for a different destiny. He was three when he became a mixed drink of one part left alone and two part tragedy.
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