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Hello. My name is Robin Delta. Well, not really, but I'd prefer you call me this instead of my real name.
Yes, I do like Sherlock as well as Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time (although I only watch it because it's a good show to complain about) and some bands (admittedly) One Direction, Lana Del Ray, Greenday, and Who Is Fancy.
I'm 16, single, and I live in New York in a six room apartment.
I also do love an occasional dose of Creepypasta.

  • A Twist of Time

    mumbled "I can destroy you"

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    I am the nightmare of your mind disgused as a daydream
    I am the essence of evil itself, but I do not kill or hurt instantly
    I will drive you to the brink of insanity with my everlasting memories

    I will love you like no one else has loved you
    I will kiss you like you've never been kissed
    I will make you feel things that you have never felt - or will feel
    I will bring you to the most beautiful places in the world and kiss you and hug you and create so many memories that when I leave you, you will never be able to return to those places without my face like a sour taste in your mouth
    I will build a bridge from reality to a world of your own, then destroy it when you're halfway across
    I will bring you to the most romantic restaurants that you can never return to without bike rising in your throat.
    Once I leave you, you will never be able to feel like I made you feel
    You will forever be haunted by the pressure of my lips on yours, my arms wrapped around your waist, my smile made just for you
    I can push you to the brink of insanity
    I can make you wonder what's wrong with yourself

    I can destroy you

    (Opening for a new novel I am currently writing)
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    mumbled "Homophobia "


    In all words, I am very pleased to watch a show where homophobia isn't even heard of.
    In one new episode of my baby cousins show, one male character fell in love with another male character. In the end they were both married, which, to my surprise, my cousin watched repeatedly.
    Mind you, this is a children's show, and the producers have written a story in which toddlers are exposed to a different love. My cousin is now accepting of these people, and I cannot be more proud of the writers of this show.

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    Ah, excitement! Another members of the male species.
    How are you on this day?
    3 years ago
    Ah ha! I see. XD Well my 20 year old sister is enjoying the heat over in Australia with her boyfriend. XD

    Skiing holidays - my number one place to go. ;P

    I have seen. Not bad, my man. :P Hey, would you like me to do a cover for you? I've made plenty of other covers before for people, and they all loved them.
    Take a look, and see what you think:
    Aldrin's Cover GalleryWhat used to be the crown jewel and centre piece of my profile on Movellas, "Secret's Cover Store" is now just my gallery. Take a look around at my work,...

    - Aldrin
    A Twist of Time
    3 years ago
    Ah, my sister had a boyfriend, then an event occurred where she was not allowed access to the Internet, and they had to "break up"

    Thank you for your compliment. It is based off some of my siblings ideas - with that in mind, I should thank her in a dedication.
    The cover gallery looks nice, but as I was reading, it mentioned not being able to make any covers? Are you willing to make me one?
    3 years ago
    Oh I see. Hm... Me and my partner have been in a long distance relationship, for about 3 months now. It's not an impossible feet.
    However, love at 14 is nothing. :/

    Awesome, geeza! ^_^
    For you only, yes. The reason the cover store shut down is because I had too large of an influx coming in. Plus, I felt unappreciated when some of my covers were just thrown out like trash...
    But yes, if you would like one, just tell me what you'd want and I can get it done for you. :3

    - Aldrin

  • A Twist of Time
    Your books are absolutely exquisite! I was able to read them on the plane to Orlando, and We Are The Damned is now my top favorite!
    Le Fox
    3 years ago
    Oh, thank you! That really means so much to me, thank you! :)

    So, on another note, are you in Orlando on holiday? Are you enjoying yourself there?
    A Twist of Time
    3 years ago
    Yes, and sort of. The humidity here is absolute hell and I am ill from the plane and car ride.
    Today we have just checked in. My family is wandering around the hotel as I am resting.

  • A Twist of Time
    No apologies, but I don't think I know who you might be. Although usually an account such as this one is based off a user in this community who is looking for a way of attention.
    I'm not sorry, but I simply cannot care about your opinions as you are someone who isn't a member of importance.
    Good day.
    A Twist of Time
    3 years ago
    Exactly my point.
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