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My Name is Kyra
<- That's me!! ;)
Nightsong Goldlight is my bae!
TFIOS is my life!
I love to write... paper and pencil or digitally...
Austin Mahone is my future husband! Don't judge me!
Single pringle and ready to mingle:) <3
My genres are mostly realistic fiction and romance... please no hate!
My favorite movie is The Host and my favorite book is Divergent.
"My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations." ~Augustus Waters
My favorite song is Sloppy Seconds by Watsky
My favorite color is purple
Y'all? Y'all.

  • thatonemahomiegirl
    Title: If I Only Knew What He Was Thinking...
    Mood: Romantic, happy, dramatic
    Genre: Romance
    Characters: a girl with red hair and green eyes and a boy with a snapback brown hair and blue eyes
    Author: thatonemahomiegirl
    If I Only Knew What He Was Thinking....Elizabeth Wattson lives in California. She and her bestfriend, Sally, are skateboarding when Sally asks if they can take a quick detour to talk to her...
    Cover Store *closed until further notice*
    Cover Store *close...
    Hey! I'll make covers for ANY books. The only exception is rape/sex slave stories, sorry but that's just, well, no. Currently closed due to extenuating circumstances
    Color Schemes: Light purples and blacks and whites
    4 years ago
    hey, im sorry it has taken me so long to get to you. i was grounded lol. but i have one question. is anna lutoskin ok for the girl?
    4 years ago
    now im leaning more towards Ebba Zingmark. i can photoshop her eyes
  • thatonemahomiegirl
    Just Lie...
    Just Lie...
    He grabbed my hand and pulled me into him. "Don't act like you don't like me." he said his face inches away from mine. "I don't like you Alex, never have and never will." i said looking at my feet. "I...
  • thatonemahomiegirl
    Name: Alexis Ludgewhig
    Appearance: Blonde hair, greyish bluish eyes, freckles on cheeks, tall, muscular(for a girl).

    Personality: bubbly, happy, silly, nice to everyone, total fangirl, liked by almost everyone.
    Prodigy: Dance (if not then performing arts)
    I am willing to date but I am single.
    My best friend is Annie Weston.
    Your Time at The School for Prodigies
    Your Time at The...
    The school for prodigies is where kids go when they are gifted. Your characters will go this time! cover by. Nova To The Super
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