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Hey this is Thatkidchey.
I haven't logged onto my account in over a year now. I hgave been trying to but I can't!!! I lost my account password because of how long it was since I was last on it. I tried to recover it with my email but because that is also my old email I can't get on. I am sadden by this. I will continue to try to get on my old account to continue to write for you guys. This is not a fake account. I will do my best to get onto it. But there isn't much I can do as of now. Movellas doesn't have a really well way to get back into old accounts.

  • thatchickcheyanne
    Hey this is thatkidchey. I have been unable to access this account because I have been inactive for a long time and I now can't remember the password I used for this or my old email. I am trying but I don't know what to do.
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