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Hello! Nice 'ta meet'cha, 'names Than-Guan'Rose, well, atleast that's what my user says, hehe, anyway here's some info about me!

Bio: Desseray-Ann

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Eyes: Hazel(Blue/Green/Brown/Grey)

Hair: Brown/Blonde/Black

Religion: Christian

Bio: I'm from a huge family, I have 4 brothers and 1 sister, I am the oldest, although I do sometimes act like the youngest, I haven't seen my 3 other brothers since I was 7 and am currently going through depression, I also have ADHD and Social Anxiety, my life is pretty normal compared to others, atleast that's what I think.

Interests: I love Anime and Sci-fi stuff, my favorite movie is Alien Vs Predator stuff, my favorite series are Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock and The Walking Dead, I love going out into the wild and exploring nature, I'm kind of a hippie, also, I don't judge a book by its cover, I don't really care if a person looks human or not I'll treat them how I would want to be treated, with respect and honor, I'm more kind to animals then my own species and I tend to act like animals due to spending more time with them and not humans, if I ever had the chance to, although it's highly unlikely, I would love to travel the universe with a different species then my own, although it's a rather silly thought, I believe in everything and don't think anything is impossible, and I Don't think we're alone in the universe, I mean wouldn't that be silly, just one planet with a couple of species and there's BILLIONS maybe more planets out there, kind of a waste of space eh? Anyway, that's all my interests!

Hope you enjoyed reading my profile!

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