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  • JazzyJ
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    Hey im Jazzy and you seem like an active Movella-er and you also seem cool so i was wonder if you wanted you wanted your first published piece to be a collab?
    its ok if you dont want i was just wondering
    XOXO, Jazzy ^_^
  • JazzyJ
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    love this...please update but please dont copy the movie put your own imaginative twist to it
    btw- im a major MG fan
    Mean Girls {Little Mix}
    Mean Girls {Little...
    On Wednesday We Wear Blue. Copyrighted SLOW UPDATES
  • JazzyJ
    4 years agoReply
    I love where your going, I love the humor and I love the fact that you have dialogue that's not all one cluster live most people on movella do which annoys me, and this has a lot of potential.
    i reallyyyy want u to continue but you can never rush great writting.
    -with love, Jasmyne
    P.s, you might want to edit some and i hope we can become movella buddies...if you want. we could help each other and ...ok now i sound weird...write me back bye ^_^
    emoji {n.h}
    emoji {n.h}
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