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    Save button/Autosave + Better navigation for your stories/chapters

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    Dear Movellas

    So I loved Movellas, until I started writing. That 'save draft' button is really inconvenient; once you click it, you cannot edit it anymore, unless you expand it and click 'edit' again. I just want to click a normal 'save' button, since when writing I want to save my work every now and then just in case, for security.
    Unless Movellas provides an autosave of course, which would be great.

    I feel like Movellas is trying to make making stories quick and easy, which is a good thing, but it becomes kind of a problem if it is too fast. I don't want to publish my story that quickly! I need some time to write. And it seems as if, if the story is still a draft, it is completely difficult to work with; you can't really delete chapters, etc. in an easy way.

    I just...think the writing system of Movellas need a change. This is just my opinion.

    BUT of course, I really like Movellas either way!
    Victoria Raven
    3 years ago
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    (I feel so bad...I've tagged her in so much! >.< )
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    haha :)
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