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    Pleaseee update . It's amazing
    Sexual Education -Harry Styles-
    Sexual Education...
    “So let me get this straight. Sweet, smart little London wants me to teach her how to have sex? So that she can lose you virginity before graduation?” Harry asked me, quoting my words. “Look if you...
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    Pleaseeee update , you've began really well your story . Continue please ;)
    Possessive -Harry Styles-
    Possessive -Harry...
    "Harry! Harry!" I shouted, but to no avail. I watched in horror as the blood spread through his shirt, covering his chest. I leaned down to hear for any signs of a beating heart, but a...
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    Please update this story . Everyone loves this story and every single time I read it , I laugh for hours ...
    Alpha Says What Now?
    Alpha Says What...
    After suffering two years of insufferable torture at a 'lady's development' academy, Maya Ryder finally returns home to her brothers, only slightly different than when she was first shipped off by her...
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    I really liked this story
    After the devastating event Seth experiences with his best friend Tyler, Seth's had constant visions warning him of what to come; his Aunt's car crash, the twin towers... Then in a matter of months, he...
    Nina :)
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    Thanks! :)
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    So guys , first of all , thank you for reading my story ( at least the part I've published ) and also thank you for liking it . I'd love to get some comments with your opinion about what should happen next , or whatever you want . Just do me a favor and don't be too harsh with your comments cause this is my first story ever .
    <3 , Claire
    A new start ? Could it be ?
    A new start ? Coul...
    Owen Harris moves in with his grandma and is enrolled to the (one and only) local school , the Twin Branches High . He has a dark past and the memories still haunt him . Is there any way so that Owen can...
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