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  • Teasinghaz
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    If you read the description you would have noticed i gae her credit. I in no way said it was my story and didn't have any intensions for people to think it was written by me. This is between me and brynlilovesniall and i think we should keep it to that way. You should stay out of it, it doesnt concern you. Thank you.
    5 years ago
    if you gave BrynliLovesNiall credit why did you change Presley's name in Ashley?
    5 years ago
    Can you please mind your own buiness? I dont mean to be rude but this is between me and her and it seems to be bothering you more than it ever has to her. The girl has a backbone and can stand up for herself and face her problems. She doesnt need you solving them for her. I think we'd both appreciate it f you'd just stay out of it. So can you please just carry on with your life and deal with your own problems? Thank you. x
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