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Twenty One Pilots Theories.

by , Friday April 14, 2017
Twenty One Pilots Theories.

Have you ever wondered.....

What things go on in the Twenty One Pilots band members lives? Things like is Jenna a cover for Joshler? Is Jenna a part of Joshler? Is Blurryface really part of tyler?

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  • TearOutMySoul
    These are really good! They can be taken any way. And they are very metaphoric. I LOVE THEM!! You should be a songwriter. I think it'd be a wonderful career for you!
    Poems by Me
    Poems by Me
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  • TearOutMySoul
    So amazing and real, your a wonderful writer. Please, if you can find time to update, I think your readers (including myself) would really like to see what happens to Madison next.
    Skinny Love
    Skinny Love
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  • TearOutMySoul

    mumbled "Black Lake Update"

    Hi, I want to thank all 99 of you who took the time to read the first chapter of my book 'BLACK LAKE'. Now I noticed not one of you liked it (Pushed the heart icon) so I decided that I will be putting that story on hold for a week or so. If the story gets let's say 5 likes I will update it and go on with the book. I thank you all for your patients.
    SilverLightning ✦
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    Don't ever write so that other people will like it, write because you like writing, if you're writing for the likes then you shouldn't be writing, take this opportunity to write more and get better at writing and eventually get the likes you deserve rather than want.
    1 years ago
    You are 100.23% correct. I shouldn't be writing for likes. I should be writing for the enjoyment of giving others enjoyment. If I want x many likes then I'll just have to earn them by improving my writing skills and stories. Thank you so much for opening up my eyes.
  • TearOutMySoul

    mumbled "Chapter one is out"

    So I thought about releasing the whole book sometime in May, but decided against it. Chapter One of Black Lake is out. Please give me feedback on how you think it is.
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