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    mumbled "State testing"

    So my part 1 of my New York State Math test is tomorrow and I was wondering (this is going to make me sound ignorant) but do people that live in England have big three day tests like us kids in America have? You guys know the ones... The ones that as they approach teachers get increasingly hysterical and stress that you HAVE to pass or certain DEATH.
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    Good Books?

    Hi! I'm new to movella and I was just wondering if it was worth my time? That sounds snobby but I recently started to fall out of love with the website Miss Literati because the fanfics and cover "companies" were starting to overshadow the books that were actually meaningful there.

    Before I dive fully into Movellas and transfer all of my story's here I just wanted other people's opinions on the type of subject matter that is added to the website. So if you guys could tell me if you find this a positive or negative site I would really appreciate it.

    I was also wondering if you guys could suggest some stories that you found interesting so I can kind of get a feel for what goes on the site.

    Thanks to everyone that comments :-)
    N. Herbert
    5 years ago
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    Is it worth it? Eh, if you're patient enough and if you're willing to put up with some of the bull that goes on. Its also worth it if you're a good writer and you write fanfictions. One thing that definitely drew me in was the competitions. There's some crazy awesome opportunities to win things through the competitions! Also, there's also a very cool group of people on here that are very friendly, funny, and helpful!
    Midnight Rogue
    5 years ago
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    LOL, Thanks Bryony and Sakura XD First person i'd recommend is DB Fairless - because he's awesome XDD - then:
    - Naj [N.S.]
    - Enya Sanders.
    - LittleMsHollywood [Bryony]
    - Sakura [the manga girl with the pink hair ^ up there]
    - IceCreamGirl
    - potterjay [if you're into poetry]
    - The Rawrz Hatter [Again poetry]
    - Writerman [Poetry]
    - Uncle Mitchy Kay [Sci-Fi]

    And that's all i got so far... :/ There are probably more that i've left out [I SWEAR, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT >.<] As for the situation here... well, for the moment its a Celeb Fanfic fest around here, though we're hoping it's just a trend and it'll die down soon [Erm... even false hope is SOMETHING better than nothing...] But if you look in the right places then you'll find good stories. This place has a REALLY good community and it's quite user-friendly. Welcome, and hope you enjoy your time here :D
    Sixth Legion Victrix
    You've probably never heard of most of people I suggest, but here I go!
    Musical Megster- if you want stories with unexpected twists
    The Sellout- if you like Zombie Apocalyse stuff
    kris2hip122- for realism
    Humphrey Poptart- for humor, morality, and insanity. Mostly humor!
    Constafani- for historical fiction and mythology
    Error: person not found (yes, that is his name) for steampunk and humor
    Guinea Pigs Rule- if you want and t REALLLY good writing with angels, squirrels, mystery, and fantasy! (Solemly, her writing is great)
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