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ELLO!!! I'm Taylor!! I'm a directioner/belieber/brat!!!! I love people and cupcakes!! Laterz!!

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    What's Your Fandom?

    Directioner, Belieber, Brat, Swiftie, Lovatic, Selenator, other? I'm all but swiftie and selenator. NO HATE!
    5 years ago
    Don't know if i'm too old, but i seriously don't like any of the ones above... Honestly i thought the boyband era was over in the 90's?
    My fandom, would probably be My Chemical Romance, if it has to be a band... if not a band then Naruto .. I'm pretty weird I guess.. Oh and I'm 24 and a mom, so I'm not actually running around bragging about my fandom, it's strictly online ..
    4 years ago
    I'm down with the One Direction fans baby :) Aha
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