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"тнιѕ aιnт lovə ιтѕ cləar тo ѕəə." ✖️️

нəllo. c:

ιм тaylor. waѕѕυp.

ι lιĸə вoyвandѕ and тυмвlr вoyѕ and jυѕт cυтə вoyѕ ιn gənəral вc caυтə.

ғəəl ғrəə тo ѕтalĸ мə ;)
lolz no jĸ jĸ.

wəll ιғ yoυ wanт ιdc.

anyway. ιм gonna go əaт or waтcн тv wвυ.


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    mumbled "HEYOo"

    HEYO GUYS. So I deleted The Hunger Games and started a new one. YAAS BOO. It's a Harry one. ( lawl ) But yesh. c: SOOO. Y'all should go read The Words and Dyslexia
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