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Fun. Loving. Good at drawing. Loves art. Loves life. Could become your new bff. Loves people. Loves to argue and win the argument. Competitive sometimes. Very ehhh looking. Wants to make friends. Very social. Cusses a lot! Wants to be a veterinarian. Love animals. Also my favorite animal is a fairy princess phenacornasis( ask what it is please!!!!!) I love all music. Am obsessed with drawing. Love my friends with a passion. Love my family. Stand up for everyone and everything. I will cuss you out if you try to do something stupid and irresponsible. Love making new friends. Will hurt you if you hurt another human or animal (especially if it's an animal or human). I live in Arizona. Love the heat. Hate the heat. Love working by myself. Like quiet spaces. I have had a rough life, but still love everything about life. Want to make the world a better place. I will stand up for what I think is right. That's me. Mkay bye.................................

i HATE boy bands! HATE them! But not one republic... I love one republic! Even tho they aren't a boy band. I'm weird... Really weird...

Ok so just so you know I'm of the 10% of the world to where if Justin beiber was going to jump off the empire state building that would be like "Do a backflip!" and video tape that stuff! I hate JB's guts!


    mumbled "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

    I went to this thing called the 99 on Sunday and it was the 99 creative but most common ways to die. Me and @[wolf child] went to hell and the devil was smoking hot. Like seriously I thought I was gonna pass out. He was hot! ^Π^ I'm sorry. I take that back!!! Someone is better looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need mental help!!!!!! Yayayayayayayayay!!!!!!!
    2 years ago
    yes. yes you do.
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