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    Love your writing! Pls don't stop! As I lay here in bed feeling pretty weak and not so swell (physically, anyhow, care of lupus!) your words spoke to me, painted gorgeous pictures (yes, the agony was tangible....but your talented creativity when it comes to diction, syntax, etc) paints such an honest, high-def, immersive picture/reality. Keep it up because your writing could create empathy in even the apathetic. Thanks also for reminding me how powerful and rewarding the expression of poetry is...even when in hospital stays or not well enough to type or find pen and paper, I taught myself --out of love, desire to have a free mind and make a Pps diff--to write poetry in my head. No input/output device necessary. While I often 4get many of my poems, it's still so enjoyable and just reading one of your poems, which are so addictive, reminded me of this! Well I'm going to close my eyes and stop blabbing here and rest and then start writing on the pages in my mind! Keep at it!! You are beyond talented. Thx for sharing! Remember--you are so special to more ppl than ull ever even realize!
    Be Pretty
    Be Pretty
    For the HYPE competition. Cover by the wonderful TheTravellingLemon.
    Swantiquity Vaircome
    Thank you so much! It means so much to me that my poems would affect someone in that way. I really don't know what I can say.
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