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My name is Tanja, I'm 15 and Danish. I love writing so I figured I would publish something here... I hope you enjoy!

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    Omg. I love your writing! As i said earlier today: your story is more interesting than any of the big books like twilight or Harry Potter and so on. UPDATE
    Slave Auction 2: The Boys' Story
    Slave Auction 2:...
    While Jenna is helping Liam pack for college, she comes across an old photo of Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam in the slave auction when they were freshman. Determined to find out the truth about why...
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    mumbled "New movella?"

    Okay, so I've been so brilliant to forget my usb key, where all of my chapters are. inclusive the one I'm working on at the moment... So while I figure out what to do about that, what about a new movella? xx
  • Tanja Ryttergaard
    Please update! I love your stories! I'm reading every single one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx
    Massive Complications (Part 3)
    Massive Complicati...
    Liam and Emma are finally happy. No drama, no lies, and absolutely no secrets. Until Tiffany surprises them with one massive secret that they can't deny and forget about like the others. It's very complicated....
  • Tanja Ryttergaard
    OMG! TEAM LIENNA!!!! LOVE IT! UPDATE GUUUURL! I just know this will get published as a real book one day. I'll make sure myself. I love you so much, you're amazing.
    Slave Auction
    Slave Auction
    ***Announcement: It would mean so much if you supported me and bought this book on Amazon.com called The Last Girl by Riley Shasteen! Thanks<3*** *The complete version of this story is on Amazon.com,...
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    mumbled "You like?"

    Hey you beautiful people! As you know I've started writing sexual refering chapters. I hope it hasn't offended any of my readers, but if it has, my apoligies!
    Please comment, I'd love to have your opinion on everything!
    Love xx
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