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  • Tanisha
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    Awww this is beautiful! It really tugged at my heart strings and made me want to continue reading. Its easy to relate to and the description is really detailed. Overall, I think this is fantastic! xx
    Heads to the future - A Short Story
    Heads to the futur...
    This is for you, dear old granny Ann.
    6 years ago
    Aw! Thanks, your comment means a lot!
  • Tanisha
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    I enjoyed reading it and thought it had a good story line but could be a little more concise in places. Overall I think it just needs a few tweaks and you're sorted! x
    Who says true love isn't real?
    Who says true love...
    Lilac Henderson had a secret, well, at least it was a secret until one day the unthinkable strikes. Lilac had always been in love with this one boy, although she only realised a few years ago, but she...
  • Tanisha

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    Hi everyone I'm new to this site and already I'm loving it! I would be so grateful if you could check out my first movella as I've never done this before so would love a bit of feedback! Thanks xx
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