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  • Tande

    mumbled "I posted this on my other account but..."

    2 years agoReply

    I saw this during a midnight browsing session last night / this morning and my heart imploded slightly.

    300 views on a rewrite and 3000 on the original Beauty in the Breakdown... I never expected to get anything near this when I first joined Movellas on Tande.

    I can't thank anyone enough for this.

    -Tegan x
  • Tande
    3 years agoReply
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    I feel the need to like and favourite and comment about my excitement from this account as well. The occasion seems worthy.

    FINALLY, A LGBTQ+ STORY. I can't wait for the update! xD
    Never let me go
    Never let me go
    Thank you once again for the cover: ireumeun.chloe // The romance of the summer begins.
    Victoria Raven
    3 years ago
    Thank you!

    It will take a while. I wanna make this better than "Hiding Lies".
    the force of storms
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    I always get slightly confused when you say 'Hiding Lies' because I keep thinking the story is called 'Bubblegum Boy'.

    I loved that story!
    Victoria Raven
    3 years ago
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    But I want it to be BETTER than that! XD
  • Tande

    mumbled "New account"

    3 years agoReply
    Hey everyone.

    I've taken a break from Movellas, technically writing altogether, over the past few weeks. There's not really much of a reason, I just haven't felt motivated at all until recently.

    I made a new account called @[the force of storms] because I felt like a fresh start. This account will still be around but that one is my new main one. I'll be starting new stories, hopefully co-authoring a few, as well as trying to finish some stories on this one (insert Beauty in the Breakdown here). I also wanted to be more active in the community, even if it is only welcoming users, leaving feedback and commenting on blogs.

    I have a story, a start of a story, on @[the force of storms] called Heart. I'll put a link at the very bottom of this Mumble if anyone would be interested in reading or leaving me a little feedback,

    I just thought I'd let everyone know in case anyone was interested in following me, reading my works, still. I WILL finish Beauty in the Breakdown.

    Thank you for a great time on this account.


    HeartRyn is morbidly pessimistic, blaming the world for his problems. He would probably see past the anger if he could still... well, see. Asher sees the...
    3 years ago
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    Cool, dear. Wish you all the best!
    3 years ago
    We'll be waiting for you my dear, and I assure you that everything will still be in place. Exactly how you left it. When that inspiration, that motivation returns to you, I'm sure that won't take long. You are a bright person with a lot of inspirational messages for all to enjoy. Heck, without you here, how will we get the daily dosage of Tande? :P
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