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So this is my page. I'm not normally good at sticking to things but writing has been the one thing that I've always loved. I love the way you can make a world that's completely your own.
I'd really appreciate feed back on any of my novels (good or bad)

Bastille = best band ever.

  • Talia West

    mumbled "Just updated the bus through no mans land, I'd really appreciate some feedback"

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    Fan of the hunger games? Divergent? give this a try :)
    The Bus Through No man's LandIntelligence, obedience, fitness, health. Those are the 4 words that make up this society. Those are the words of survival in here. They tell you that...

  • Talia West

    mumbled "Update"

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    Just UPdated UPgraded :) speedy writing @[Fern Ellenor]

    UpgradedDivided between those who contribute to society, the effcient, and the inefficients who take oxygen without giving any back it paints a society that could...
    Fern Ellenor
    4 years ago
    How do you do those links?
    Talia West
    4 years ago
    copy and paste the web address of the novel page
    Fern Ellenor
    4 years ago
    And it comes up like that rather than just a normal link... clever!
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