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Hey guys!! I really love writing and reading!!! I would love to be a writer. It would mean a lot if you read my stuff and comment!!!! Plz follow my Instagram account: @evaaa_wuvs_u !!! No twitter :( love to all the ppl that read this!!!

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    Omg hahahahaha!
    How to Kill One Direction and Other Dastardly Plots
    How to Kill One...
    Sorry to One Direction fans, but it won't just be killing them. It might be getting rid of Justin Bieber, banning the colour pink, etc, etc. So Directoners, don't start saying things like, "No! You can't...
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    Don't worry I'm not done
    Took My Heart
    Took My Heart
    Kate is just a girl who has been through a lot. She finally finds someone and she loses them too. I don't want to give it away but this is a 1D fanfic.
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