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by , Sunday November 26, 2017



"We will be forever, I promise you."

People change. The person you were would’ve kept that promise, but they’re gone now and you’re someone new. I don’t expect this new person to keep a promise 

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  • Tabby_Cat_Magic

    mumbled "Recipes"

    So a while back I mentioned writing a cookbook, and I finally got around to it. I have like five more recipes I need to add, and the cover keeps glitching to an old one I made, but here’s what we can call a ‘rough draft’

    Recipes for Disaster... and CupcakesAll these are recipes I’ve come up with and perfected. 100% garuantee the ingredients will be ones you’ve actually heard of before, none of those weird...
  • Tabby_Cat_Magic
    Intriguing. I’d definitely like to see more.
    Everything in Ashes
    Everything in Ashe...
    Princess Malia of Lorestan has always believed that her destiny is to become Queen of her country. But when a dragon captures Malia's sister, the heir to the throne must travel to the dragons to win her...
  • Tabby_Cat_Magic

    mumbled "11 000 words"

    So a couple days ago I started working on a new book, and I swear I’ll try and finish this one. Anyways, after only three or four days, I’ve reached the eleven thousand word mark that means only forty-nine thousand more to go. Yippie.
    princess leia
    3 weeks ago
    let's go Tabby Cat Magic let's go *clap clap*
    cosmo sans
    5 days ago
    keep up the good work @[Tabby_Cat_Magic] :)
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