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by , Sunday November 26, 2017



"We will be forever, I promise you."

People change. The person you were would’ve kept that promise, but they’re gone now and you’re someone new. I don’t expect this new person to keep a promise 

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  • Tabby_Cat_Magic

    mumbled "New chapter"

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    It took me forever to finish writing this chapter because I’ve been so busy studying for exams. And by studying, I mean stuffing my face with chocolate because I’m stressed. Anyways, I got sick (which never happens to me) and have been coughing so much that I couldn’t sleep. So as I do at four in the morning, I finished up the chapter and spent today editing it. My total word count is just over a fairly low 18K, and I’m hoping once school finishes I’ll be able to complete this in a week or two.
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    mumbled "Chapter 5... or ‘V’"

    I have a love of using Roman numerals for my chapter titles, I have to admit.
    I’ve finally finished the fifth (Vth?) chapter of Ash and Dust (should I shorten it? AD, AnD, A and D? I dunno.) bear with me with this one, I’m not used to writing anything so lovey as the scene at the end.

    Still super proud of the cover, though.

    Ash and DustOlyxe “Ash” Heregale is not to be messed with. She lives for violence, laughs in the face of danger. She’s driven by a rage so bright and fierce, it’s...

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    Super proud of the cover!
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  • Tabby_Cat_Magic

    mumbled "Covers"

    Im super proud of most of my covers, especially the newest one for Ash and Dust (by the way, I’ve posted a whopping three chapters so far, but you should totally check it out) and this makes me want to do a cover store. I’m not sure if isn have the time to constantly be maintaining it though, but if you have a cover you’d like done feel free to message me about it.

  • Tabby_Cat_Magic

    mumbled "New project... again"

    While I’m still working on Eternal and couple other side things, I was struck with random inspiration for something such a mottle of genres I don’t have the slightest clue where to stick it in my folders (which are handily organized by genre, by the way.)

    It’s kinda sci-fi but not in an aliens kind of way, kind of fantasy but not really magical or fairies, a tad supernatural but there’s no vampires or werewolves or shapeshifters, etc. There’s also a dabble here and heir of steampunk fashions, violence, strong female characters and a TON of sarcasm.

    The cover (or at least the first draft of the cover) is pretty cool though.
  • Tabby_Cat_Magic

    mumbled "New project"

    So I’ve wrotten a bunch more chapters to Painting Pictures that I’m yet to publish, then kind of had a stroke of intense inspiration and randomly started writing on only a half-baked idea for a setting. Then I slapped the title Eternal on it, skimmed through the over 5K long first chapter for errors and tuck it on this website. I’ve literally (and that’s not a word I use often) no plans for this. I just know so far I’ve got 15K and three-ish chapters. Hopefully someone will tell me if this is worth writing or not, other than my friend who’s only feedback is ‘how do you write so much?’

    EternalEmlyra has always hidden her spark, but now all her secrets are coming unravelled. Cursed with a mysterious new fire and heavy destiny, more people are...
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