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    Name: Michael
    Physical Description: Short and average weight, short black hair with a fringe, brown eyes. Wear anything that is casual.

    Personality: Afraid of the infected, darkness and being alone. When angered or in a deadly situation I will go into berserk mode. Friendly to the people he is loyal to and rude to the ones he hates.
    Traits:Good: Fast reactions and can slip out of conflict, deadly with melee weapons. Bad: The fears get in his way of surviving, cannot go more than a day alone and has no clue on how to shoot.

    Weapons: Good: Close quarters combat, baseball bat, sword, grenade, tire iron, crowbar and pistol. Bad: Shotgun, assault rifle/rifle, sniper and poison darts.
    Group: 1
    Romance: surprise me...
    Other: Great at comforting others and scavenging.
    Virtual Apocolypse
    Virtual Apocolypse
    Ever wondered how the apocolypse would of played out if you were in it? Well now you can find out how you would survive in a full scaled novel telling the story of 6-10 survivors and how they survived...
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    alright you are a part of the apocalypse.
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