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Just your typical "weirdo". Anywhore, some of my fandoms include (but are not limited to); Gravity falls, Doctor who, Anime [in general], Fablehaven, Percy Jackson, Torchwood, Ect. My Bandoms (bands I listen to) include; Panic! at the disco, Sleeping with sirens, Pierce the veil, 30 seconds to mars, All time low, Ect. So yeah, in my freetime I enjoy creeping people out, yes, I'm that one kid, that one "weird" kid...

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    Ah all the refferences in this, I am already hooked, keep writing
    Human Frailty
    Human Frailty
    Inspired by the German legend of Faust, as well as a hint of Death Note. Two boys, incredibly bored of life, decide to make a deal with the Devil.
    3 years ago
    Ehehe, glad to hear it! Thank you, I'll definitely continue :)
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