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HI! I'm Jessica! Some of my hobbies include writing... obviously.... piano, singing, lacrosse, sports in general, and just doing stuff... helpful right? I've been playing lacrosse for five years, and I play with the varsity team. I'm an attacker, and the youngest person on that team, and currently have 53 goals this season....

As you may know, I love ONE DIRECTION! Before you ask, no. I do not have a favorite. I love each and every one of them equally, and they all have their own unique impact on my life. I don't single them out. And, I can't really pick a favorite song... it changes every now and then... Currently though, it is Irresistible. I just love it!

Other bands and singer's I'm a fan of include: Little Mix, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, Maroon 5, Cher Lloyd, HUNTER HAYES <3, 5SOS, Cassadee Pope (on THe Voice for those of you who don't know her, check her out!), Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Chris Webby, Mac Miller, Emblem 3, Rascal Flatts, ARIANA GRANDE, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, and soooooo many more, I can't even name it... I just love music in general

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    I literally just posted my first stories (: I have them up on wattpad so one is Out of Focus, a Marcus Butler fanfic (hence the amazing gif :3) so it is four or five chapters in, I dunno. And another is called Another Broken Soul, which is a Teen Wolf fanfic. Check em out and enjoyyyyy (:
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