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I'm Sylvester, but feel free to call me Sylv or Chael. I write fanfiction; a lot of it is crime related, but don't worry, I'm not about that life, lmao. I absolutely love history and historical fiction, but my love of history has been wrecked by Hetalia, so, uh, RIP my AP Euro class. All I write is hetalia fanfiction, and yes, there might be one or two gay fics I write because, frankly, I'm okay with gay people.

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    Could you please critique mine? I need all the help I can get, Here's a link:
    Six ShooterGilbert, A young man who had recently moved to the United States for college, runs into a mysterious girl during after hours at a museum. After their first...
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    Hello! This is where I will critique Hetalia fanfictions! You can ask me to critique your fanfiction, and I am more than likely to do it!
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