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dancer and directioner ��

  • Sydney ♥
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    Sydney, you decide, Niall, and spastic haha
    Dreams with 1D
    Dreams with 1D
    Hey guys I've seen other people doing this and wanted to do it here is what I need from you and I will get to you as fast as I can!! Your name, the boy you want, dirty or clean you eye and hair color and...
  • Sydney ♥
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    hii! I've been wondering, how did you attach the video to your movella? I have a video and it's uploaded to YouTube but I can't attach it to my fanfic! thanks!
    You can´t hurt an angel (+15)
    You can´t hurt an...
    Don´t get too close, it´s dark inside... it´s where my demons hide.
    4 years ago
    Oh that´s easy ;) You just have to copy the link from the video and put it down the side, where you can change the title of you movella, rate it, write a blurb and stuff ^^ Just scroll down that page and there as a small "slot" (I dunno how to explain better^^) and in there you copy the link! Hope it helped you! ;) x
  • Sydney ♥
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    Sydney, Niall, Spastic.Thanks! :)
    5sos and 1D imagines
    5sos and 1D imagin...
    I do Imagines and here is the list of things you need to tell me. •Name {Duhh.} •One Direction Or 5 Seconds of Summer. •One word of how you describe yourself. •Any other things you want in the Imagine...
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    Update Free Falling! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!
    Free Falling
    Free Falling
    So here was Evelyn Carter, she met the one and only Harry Styles. Crazy right? She doesn't know who he is, and doesn't want to know. But in this curly haired green eyed boy she isn't JUST another girl....
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