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Hey there. :) I'm Iris and I like to write crap stories and cry over fictional/dead people.

Please give me food.

I care more about Pietro Maximoff than I care about you tbh

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    mumbled "Have any of you read this book?"

    I was wondering if any of you guys read the book 'Lolita' by 'Vladimir Nabokov'. I know it has some rather dark and disturbing themes, and honestly, I'm a bit scared to read it. Is the language challenging? I've read books with themes that are of the darker nature before, and I don't really get too fazed by them. I'm unsure whether reading it is a good idea- (It probably isn't)- but curiosity will probably get the best of me eventually, and I just want to make sure it won't mess me up or anything... Thank you guys so much!
    Wingardium Levi-Assbutt
    Ah, alright. Thank you :* I have it downloaded as an ebook, so I guess I can look up tough vocabulary easily enough. (Although I'd probably have to search most of the french phrases- My level of expertise in that language is rather hellish :P )
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    mumbled "Hey guys!"

    I'm taking down all my Movellas and starting fresh, since I don't really feel as if I made any progress in particular this year. I'll seriously have to try to make more time for writing...
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    mumbled "I put the 'pro' in procrastination..."

    So instead of doing my french homework, I *wisely* decided to spend all my time on Movellas instead... (Can't you tell I'm such a *GREAT* decision maker?!)

    Anyway, here's a list of things I recently realized about my (slightly sad/disappointing) life at this point:

    1. My french really sucks.
    2. I need to go outside more.
    3. Drinking more than three juiceboxes of ice tea may result in extra trips to the bathroom, and ultimately, suspicion from your teacher.
    4. One of the greatest pleasure in life is purposely getting on the nerves of someone you dislike.

    So well, there's that...
    Also, I was wondering what you guys are dressing up as for this Halloween? (It's one of my favourite times of the year!) I went as a Totoro :D

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