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    U-um... Hi, c-could I ask (i-if you don't mind) all you
    c-creepypastas live in a house together h-how do you get along (sorry I'm a little s-shy)
    Ask the creepy pastas!!
    Ask the creepy pas...
    Ask the creepy pasta characters!!!! {any character you want to ask a question}
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    Love it!!!!!
    Rise to Fame
    Rise to Fame
    Skylar Green is an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. This fourteen year old Directioner has always wanted to be a professional singer and to be able to go on tour with One Direction would be "a...
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    mumbled "Gonna start writing a new Movella "

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    I'm gonna start writing a new movella so please don't hate me I'm gonna try to upload once a week and sorry for not writing anything.
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    Hi my name is Madi and it said if you want to be one of the guys girlfriends that you should leave a comment so here it goes: My names Madison but I hate being called that so every one calls me Madi. I'm Canadian and people make fun of me because of that. I'm 5'5, Have straight thin dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I'm quite shy when you first meet me but once I open up I can be really funny and silly. I can play a lot of instruments but I hide it from people because I'm afraid of them judging me. I'm quite skinny but I have a good curves. I'm 17 and I want to be Liam's girlfriend
    adopted by harry???!!!
    adopted by harry??...
    hi im kayla. i have a perfect body a beutifull face and flawles skin. i have blond hair and pretty green eyes. im 17 and i live in an orfanage and the other kids their bully me becuase im ugly. but one...
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    mumbled "So Sorry"

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    I'm so sorry that I deleted my movella. I had no ideas and I hated the way it was going so I'm sorry if you were starting to like it but if you have any ideas do tell me. Again I'm so sorry if I caused any inconvenience to you so if you have ANY ideas I will try my hardest to make it good. -.- /)
    5 years ago
    Give me a link to the story you want me to read and I'll try and brainstorm and help you out.
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