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    Autumn is fav Update like now!
    30 days
    30 days
    Emily is your average high school student . She's certainly not popular or an outcast she's perfectly fine with her group of friends. But.. 1 bad day 1 beer can 1 car 1 guy Could change everything...
    1 years ago
    Gonna be a couple days!!
  • lollipöp
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    I would like to make a better cover for you respond to the comment if u would like one so I can give u my email
    College Education [l.h]
    College Education...
    You thought high school was hard? Welcome to college. From Sex Education class, Luke Hemmings and Stacy Robins have made it far. They've fought and got back together, but some things don't work the same...
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    2 years ago
    @[sweetiegirl] That would be great, thank you!
    2 years ago
    Okay what's your mom or um email so I can send it to you or you can email me at keyani03@hotmail.com
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