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    I have a suggestion, kinda funny one though T_T When little kids think they are so tough and they act all "cool" in front o their friends. For example, today me and my friend were walking past these 5 year olds who started shouting "sexy!!!" At us. And we're like 17, kids should not shout that kind of crap because I'm pretty freakin' sure its illegal and not that "cool" looking either -.- god, I hate kids...
    Really Annoying Things People Do
    Really Annoying...
    Just somewhere to vent my frustration on all the annoying and idiotic things people do. Feel free to comment any suggestions.
  • SweetCyanide
    This book is incredible! Please keep writing more, I can't wait to read on n_n
    15 Ways To Fix A Broken Heart
    15 Ways To Fix A...
    I was, and still are, weird. Yes, my friends are the craziest people you'll ever meet. And yes, I was proud of that small insignificat fact. I thought he was too. But he wasn't, his type never are. I was...
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